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Paul Taylor’s name removed from monument at the Shaolin Temple in China

“In a show of support for The United Studios of Self Defense, Inc., the Shaolin Temple has forever removed Paul Taylor’s name from the USSD temple monument,w

USSD Monument at the Shaolin Temple

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hich was dedicated to USSD by the Shaolin Temple in 2004. Paul has betrayed our disciple, Yan Deng (Professor Mattera). This is shameful behavior.”

–Wang Yu Min, 7-3-11 Spokesperson for the Shaolin Temple

Statement of Support

“The Shaolin Temple supports United Studios of Self Defense Inc. and it’s battle against Z-Ultimate.  The Temple stands for loyalty and honor… and does not support treachery and bad behavior.  United Studios and the Shaolin Temple are one!”

–Wang Yu Min, 7-4-11

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