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What an incredible year 2011 has been for United Studios of Self Defense. Established in 1968, USSD has withstood the test of time and the winds of change. The Bonsai Tree – The cornerstone of our logo represents wisdom, strength, character, and longevity. Our “Roots” and traditions run deep.

One year ago this month USSD came under a “sneak attack” by a group of individuals who acted selfishly, with NO regard for the USSD Chief Instructors, Investors, or Students that did not all want to change to a new “No Name” brand. Needless to say, The Coup has failed. Historically even the Shaolin Temple in China was destroyed 3 times in the past by disloyal, delusional monks from within The Temple – only to rise again to future greatness. Since September 2010 USSD has “trimmed” the diseased branches from Our Bonsai, so that our tree could grow again. (“Nature Cleanses” – Lao Tzu)

Since September of 2010. Because of your deep loyalty, trust and support USSD has accomplished the following;

I. The Grand Opening of our New National Headquarters last November, when combined with Bushido total over 28,000 Sq. Ft.

II. An incredible China Trip in July, which tremendously strengthened our ties with The Shaolin Temple.

III. The highest Martial Arts promotion and Honor I have ever bestowed on anyone – The Honorable title of “Hanshi” was awarded to Master Black, Master Turner, and Master Boritz and was presented to them by the Abbot Himself! Truly a historical event.

IV. Our Tournaments in Utah, San Francisco, and Las Vegas have gotten much bigger (and better) and our Orange County events have become more professional and filled with enthusiasm.

V. One of our greatest achievements – 13 New Dojos in less than a year:

1) Danville
2) Cupertino/Saratoga
3) Half Moon Bay
4) Thousand Oaks
5) Redondo Beach (Los Angeles)
6) Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)
7) Foothill Ranch (Orange County)
8) Temecula (Riverside County)
9) Murietta (Riverside County)
10) Jordan’s Landing (Utah)
11) Saratoga Springs (Utah)
12) Sandy (Utah)
13) Kerrisdale (Canada)

On the legal front, Congratulations to the Law Firm of Cappello and Noel; especially Mr. Larry Conlan for the incredible legal work they have done for USSD. We have all but won our Court battle as of the Courts decision on 8/19/11.

To all the students that were not told the truth, Welcome Back!

In the True Spirit of United Studios, to all the Chief Instructors that had no choice but to “walk the plank” in order to keep their jobs, the doors are open to you now.

To Everyone in USSD – Students, Instructors, and Masters, it is my Honor to serve YOU! Our Tree is strong because of YOU!

Professor C. Mattera

“A man tells himself many things, but does a mans’ universe consist only of himself?”

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