9/19 Saturday Test 8am

Update - Test will now be held in FIELD 1

(Near Parking lot 1 off of Ridge Valley and Phantom Irvine Great Park.)

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important info

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the upcoming USSD Brown and Black Belt Test, Saturday, September 19th 2020.
Your test begins at 8:00 a.m.
Location: Irvine Great Park, Field # 1 at Parking Lot 1 off of Ridge Valley & Phantom in Irvine.
Things to know:

  • Please plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to the test time to check in and get ready.
  • A Health & Safety advisor will conduct temperature checks and monitor the event to ensure that all safety protocols are properly managed throughout the event.
  • Test will be entirely outside, with some tree shade areas, and pop up canopies.
  • 10 Ft minimum for social distancing. No Contact. No sparring, no techniques with partners.
  • Due to the potential for reduced air quality due to recent fires, along with virus concerns, it is HIGHLY recommended that you wear a mask… however masks are not required per the CDPH guidelines but are strongly encouraged.
  • We like to see you in your full Gi, but on this day, a modified uniform of Gi Pants, USSD T-Shirt with Belt is acceptable on this test.
  • Frequent water breaks will be offered. Bring water or a sports drink for hydration as needed.
  • Restrooms are located near the field.
  • No gear bags or additional equipment. Modified Uniform + Belt+ Water Bottle and Athletic shoes only. Any inhalers or health related items are recommended in a personal bag to keep near you.
  • Bring Shoes suitable for outdoor testing ie : Dojo Shoes or Sneakers/Closed Toe Shoes. No Flip Flops or Sandals.
  • Any at-risk students should speak with their personal Doctors on their recommendations to participate in the test.
  • Test times will vary depending on rank, and testing circumstances. Friends and Family may NOT congregate on site during the test, but may return to watch the ceremony at the conclusion of the test. A short meeting will happen at the outset of the test, and you will be given a time to return for the ceremony.
Test registration is closed. Please contact your studio instructor for the next available test date. Thank you!

REgistration – Please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to test event date on calendar
  2. Click on the belt you’re testing for
  3. Following login and payment instructions in portal (if you don’t have an account, you can create one)
  4. When completed you will receive a payment confirmation email
  5. IMPORTANT! If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your junk mail or spam inbox, or it’s possible the process was not completed. Send an inquiry by clicking the link below.
Please Note: Due to many factors that are unique to each test, your test may end differently than the time posted on this calendar. 
It's advisable to attend the short briefing at the start of the test for more information about your specific test end time.
We apologize that we do not know the exact end time until the day of the test.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Test Registration is closed 48 hours prior to the test and is removed from this page. If you have any questions about the test or registration, please contact your studio instructor. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

If you’re having technical difficulties with this TEST REGISTRATION system or payment process, please click on the link below and fill out the form or ask you studio sensei. Thank you!

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